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Enquire NowPuckles delivers the highest quality experience but in a way that is accessible to a broad range of customers.

As a family brand, we’re ‘every day’. As a business, we aim for extraordinary.

Award-winning products

Through the Plarre’s export-grade manufacturing facility, Puckles has the advantage of a reliable pipeline of high quality semi-finished products. They are based on time-tested recipes that have won numerous awards to date. For people looking for a quality bakery and cafe franchise opportunity, this is a significant advantage.

Made with excellence

Our quality is guaranteed through our export-grade manufacturing facility, which was inducted into the Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2010 and won the coveted Origin Gold Banksia Award for Excellence in Sustainability in 2009.

We manufacture our own products and this is a real standout in the market. It’s increasingly rare to find a bakery franchise that still loves to bake – and you can taste the difference it makes! We are committed to maintaining complete control of the supply chain – from ingredients to cake counters – no third party suppliers. This means you’re assured an exclusive,
high quality range.

Finished in-store

A portion of our product range is sent from our central baking facility to be finished and baked in-store – creating a simple operations model. Typically, one qualified finisher is needed per store. Your customer service team is also trained in the baking processes and basic cake finishing so that your staffing remains cost effective and your quality control of the highest standard.

Engaging customers

This in-store finishing process introduces the most visually interesting parts of cake-making or pastry-baking processes to the public, giving them 100% confidence that the product is fresh and high quality. This freshly made, freshly baked product offering sets Puckles apart from other businesses in the bakery category.


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