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At Puckles, if you hear something that sounds a little like ‘tickle me Elmo’ you can be assured that we haven’t moved into the toy-making business. What you will have heard is us talking about our famous pasty – the tiddly oggie.

In Cornwall, a pasty is often called an ‘oggie’. It’s not clear where the word came from but some suggest it is derived from ‘hoggan’, a kind of bag in which miners carried their croust. The Cornish miners’ wives developed a simple pastry-cladded envelope, which kept the food warm and free of dust while their husbands worked in the mines. In Devonport and Plymouth, sailors called them ‘tiddly oggies’. Tiddly in naval slang meant ‘proper’ – and so ‘tiddly oggie’ referred to a ‘proper pasty’. Cornish rugby supporters later adopted the chant ‘oggie, oggie, oggie, oi, oi, oi’ when cheering on their team. Sounds familiar? Some believe this is where we get the great Aussie chant ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi’. Back to spectacular pasties…the root crops and vegetables in the tiddly oggie (and the baked apple that was commonly included) stayed warm and free of dust, protected by the pastry casing.

Eighteenth century accounts from travellers to Cornwall tell of families being brought up on a diet of vegetables baked in a barley dough. In 1867, a West Briton report told of the subsistence level and revealed their great dependence on flour. Many of these early writers expressed surprise that both children and adults looked reasonably well nourished on what they considered a very poor diet. It was, of course, what we now know as a low-fat diet.

With more than 100 years of baking history in our family, we’ve been making mouth-watering pasties – tiddly oggies – for so long now, we don’t mind saying that we’ve mastered the art. Ours aren’t fat-free but we make them using the best quality meat and vegie filling. If you’re all about pies, and haven’t tried a classic pasty (the tiddly oggie), we encourage you to give one a go.
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